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Isaac Redd Holt is the original drummer of the original Ramsey Louis Trio that received a Grammy for the 1965 instrumental hit, “The In Crowd.” He and Bassist Eldee Young from the Ramsey Louis Trio formed their own group in 1966 called Young-Holt Unlimited. They had two gold records. In 1966 they had the single “Wack Wack” and in 1969 the single, “Soulful Strut.” Redd toured Europe and Asia for several more decades. Redd is currently the drummer in a group which performs a live set on Friday nights at The East Bank Club in Chicago. The trio consists of Ken Haebich, Jim Ryan and Redd Holt.  

In 2018 Redd Holt hit the studio, for the first time since 1974 to record a compilation of some of his favorite tracks over the years.  The album title "It's A Take" comes from the literal groove behind the record.  Every track was recorded in 1 take with no overdubs, completely LIVE!

Produced by Tim O'Neil

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